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Stitch with Sarah

I grew up loving to create, in all forms. I taught myself to crochet with a book I got at a yard sale, I loved to draw and always really wanted to learn to sew. Finally, my senior year of high school, I took a class that taught the basics of sewing. And I immediately fell in love. My parents bought me a basic sewing machine for my birthday that year and I continued sewing.

In 2014 I started working at a quilt shop, I took a beginner quilt class taught by Maxie and made my first quilt. And it was like everything clicked. I love the graphic nature of quilts, the precision and the math (it’s ok if you don’t like math, I have that all figured out for you) and of course, the beautiful fabric. Since then, I’ve upgraded my machine, continued to learn new techniques, and started designing my own patterns. In 2018, I started working at Walker Quilt Co., a longarm quilting service.

My favorite things about quilting are the community and sharing what I love.  And that's also what I love about this membership.  Here you'll find everything you need to elevate your quilting skills and friends to cheer you on and learn with.  

Are you ready to Stitch?

What is Stitch?

Well, I'm so glad you asked!

Stitch is a quilting membership that provides you with the tools and inspiration you need to make beautiful quilts.  Our goal is to minimize frustration and overwhelm so you can learn new techniques and have fun doing it! 

Want to See Inside?


Weekly Content

Fresh content is delivered to the library each and every Friday. There are currently over 70 video tutorials, over 100 lessons, quilting calculators, a full block of the month, printable quilt labels, quilter's greeting cards and more!

Week 1: Educational Videos

On the first Friday of each month, your post will include a video and printable instructions which demonstrate a new skill or technique, relatable throughout the month's content, and always available for review for as long as you are a member. Videos are searchable for keywords, which means that you can search for any phrase or word Sarah or Maxie have said and be taken to that exact spot in the video!

Week 2: Project Pattern

Sarah continues the theme from the first week, delivering a teaching pattern or other downloadable file relating to the month's topic,  printable for your Stitch binder.

Week 3: Flexible Content

Sarah is constantly inside the group, communicating with members and asking questions, and gaining insight from members as to the group's most pressing needs. This week's post can include charts, formulas, interactive calculators, and other goodies, helpful for the current project as well as many others!

Week 4: Live Q & A Calls

Members are invited to take part in a Q&A call each and every month. Hear straight from Sarah as she answers your questions and shares her insight and knowledge with the members, as you become acquainted with quilters from all over the world. 

Sign up for the Wait List!

Registration for Stitch opens again in January.  I don't want you to miss out, so be sure to join the wait list today! And as a thank you, you will receive my FREE Quilter's Quick Reference and Work in Progress Worksheet!

What's Inside

In addition to Sarah's fresh weekly content, you'll have access right away to all the weekly content posted from the membership's conception in October 2019, as well as 2 additional years of project content shared through Maxie Mail, (Maxie's former subscription box) all updated and stored in the Library. All new members have immediate access to everything posted! The content has been organized in an easy to follow format that helps you identify where you are in your quilting journey and exactly what you need to do next in order to accomplish your goals. This membership will help keep you on track but not overwhelmed, allowing you to mark tutorials 'completed' as you move through them so that you see your progress at a glance.

+ Stitch Binder -  Upon your registration, you will be shipped a welcome kit that will include everything you need to start your own Stitch Reference Binder! Your package will include custom tabbed dividers, our exclusive 'Quilter's Glossary', and a beautiful sticker for the front of your binder.  This binder will become your personal, lasting resource that will build upon itself for as long as you are a member. You will organize the pages as you like them, based on your learning style and skill level.

+ Resources. Inside is where Sarah and Maxie pull back the curtain to their combined quilting successes, sharing all of their resources and skills, learned through years of study, teaching, and owning quilting businesses.

+ A video library -  In addition to the monthly new video content, former videos made through Maxie Mail walk you through complete projects from beginning to end. There are over 60 videos to date, with more added each month!

+ Interactive Calculators! Wish you had a calculator that would figure your binding yardage and # of strips needed? How about a calculator that will tell you how much backing fabric you need? Your wish has come true! There are several calculators in the membership, with more added all the time!




 + Block of the Month Project! - When members received Maxie's Pinwheel Galaxy Quilt setting pattern, many requested the block patterns in a Block of the Month format. Happy to accommodate, all 12 blocks are posted to date, along with the setting pattern. Each block is a great skill-building lesson. Work on this optional, bonus project in your own time frame!

+ Bonus Video Basics - Bonus videos that teach fundamental skills (like binding your quilt) are provided as a reference to watch over and over until you are a master! There is even a 'Short Take' section for quick tips and demos! The newest bonus category holds Electric Quilt video tutorials, however, Electric Quilt software is not necessary to be successful in A Good Quilt!

+ Bonus Downloadable Extras. Charts and formulas that take the math and guesswork away, printable for your A Good Quilt binder.

+ Live Q & A - A place to gather and get to know others, ask questions of Sarah and get feedback and support from other members from all over the world. Calls are held on Facebook but are also placed on the website for later viewing by those that don't participate on Facebook's social media.

+ Teaching.  Sarah shares everything she knows about quilting, creating fresh monthly content (delivered in weekly intervals) that will up-level your skills to help you make quilts that you are proud to include in your own legacy.  All delivered in a way to avoid overwhelm!

The Best Searching Tool Available

Saving your valuable time!

In addition to the regular search feature, we've added a new search tool software called ‘Searchie’ that allows members to search a video for any word and be taken directly to the point in the video where the word was spoken! For example, if you watch the entire video for continuous bias binding, you might like to come back later and watch only the section teaching how to pin the oddly shaped fabric edges together. (Maxie describes it as 'wonky'!) Simply type ‘wonky’ in the search bar and you’ll be taken directly to that specific spot! You’re welcome! (You can't do that on YouTube!)

"I wanted to become a more proficient quilter. I made an excellent choice that has gone way beyond my expectations. My confidence in my skill set has grown tremendously. Maxie provides a very supportive environment. Her teaching style is clear, concise, and presented in an easy to access format. This has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to each new project or lesson. I love this group!"

Cindy Vines

"I joined A Good Quilt last spring to become part of a community with a shared interest in quilting, and I am surprised at how much I have already learned and created. Maxie's video-based lessons and downloads are easy to follow and filled with tips and tricks that can apply to a variety of projects. And there are always words of encouragement to spur us on in this unique community of quilters!"

Wendy Ford

"Although I have been quilting for many years, I have learned a lot from Maxie. One thing, in particular, is sewing binding on the machine instead of by hand. I never did this before because my stitches didn’t line up correctly. Learning how to do it the “Maxie” way, I can whip out those unfinished quilts a lot faster. I encourage anyone thinking about joining not to hesitate. Just do it, you won’t regret it. "

Tricia Randklev

"One of the best things I have done to learn how to be GOOD quilter is join this group. Maxie is an amazing teacher who shares her quilting knowledge to those of us who want to learn and she teaches from the heart. I have learned so much from her. when I rewatch the videos I always learn something I missed! You will be so glad when you join our wonderful group of amazing quilters! "

Brenda Bixler

"A Good Quilt is a wonderful source of reference material, information for successful completion of quilt projects and encouragement to do our best. I like the focus on a specific skill and building on that particular skill in each of the following segments. Maxie is always so supportive and positive, thanks so much for all you provide for us as you guide us to be the best quilters we can be. "

Linda Harrison

"Growing up we had several of my Grandmother's quilts. I look at them now and see the beauty and the love that was given to us. I wanted to learn how to do this for my children but had no idea where to begin. Then Maxie came into my life. Saying thank you doesn't seem quite enough. You are very clear in giving instructions, your love for this craft comes through, and is contagious. You are a great teacher! "

Bonnie Rikards

Frequently Asked Questions

Once registered, you will be mailed your Stitch Binder kit, (members provide their own binder) a personal resource that you build with your printable materials inside the membership, video content, project patterns, technique sheets and other resources, live Q&A sessions, challenges, support from Sarah and other members!

After you join, you’ll receive a welcome email with your unique log in details. Once logged in, Members will have immediate access to the entire library of project content and enjoy new content delivered each Friday. You'll want to watch the video tour of the website and move to 'Start Here'. For those living in the USA and Canada, you will be mailed a binder kit to jump start your Stitch Binder! Members outside those regions may pay postage or simply download the materials and print at home.

Each month’s premium content will be added as a lesson inside the private membership portal and announced via email. You can work through the content on any of your devices. 

Your account will be charged on the same day that you signed up each month for as long as you continue your membership.

Your membership may be canceled at any time, no questions asked (it's simple to do inside the private membership portal). Due to the digital nature of the membership, refunds are not available, so be sure we're a good fit before you purchase!

This is a subscription service that will be billed monthly.

If you wish to cancel in the current month, you must do so before your next billing date which will be the same day each month. Please make note of the day of the month that your membership renews. Refunds are not granted once the payment has gone through.

Members pricing gets locked in at the time they become a member. If you cancel and return in the future, you'll be subject to whatever price the membership is at that time.

This membership is for PERSONAL use, not for agencies or companies or classroom settings, and is not to be shared.

Yes! Stitch memberships are available to purchase as gifts, and a perfect way to nurture sewing/quilting in someone you love. Just e-mail me for details [email protected]


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